Special Needs in Strange Worlds

From March, 2015:

This week I did something that terrified me: I told a deeply personal story unfiltered by fiction, and shared some dark places I've kept safely locked away for, well, decades. Anyone who knows me knows that a dark place *I* keep sealed-off is...extremely dark.

Sarah Chorn's Special Needs in Strange Worlds column at SF Signal is a beautiful thing, and a necessary thing, and I was honored to be asked to write a guest post about the special needs of LGBTQ readers. Honored, and worried about how to do it right. So I did what I was taught to do: tell my own story, and let it stand as nothing but my own story.

I'm so happy that I did. Isolation kills, and it's so important to see ourselves represented in the world around us. If being transparent about my own struggles (more, even, than usual) helps anyone else feel less isolated, I'll be a happy boy.

Also, what a wonderful feeling to be able to thank the people whose work touched me, sometimes saved me, and filled my life with wonder. There is no one so powerful as the person who embraces her weaknesses and accepts her pain, I think.